Public Private Partnerships in B.C.

Public Private Partnerships are widely used in Canada, Europe and Asia, and are a growing segment of project delivery options in the US as States enact enabling legislation. Learn about successful P3 models used for a variety of infrastructure projects from transportation, to hospitals, schools, and other public facilities. It’s much more than just financing. P3 is about risk transfer, quality, life cycle costing, and expeditious delivery. With 20 states now allowing some form of P3, nationwide budget constraints, and Washington State looking at this model for future transportation projects, Owners and Contractors need to understand the challenges and benefits of P3.

Michael Houle joined Partnerships BC as a Project Director in March of 2007. Prior to joining the company, he spent 22 years in various senior management positions in both the private and public sectors. During the course of his past tenure, Michael was responsible for strategic planning, capital planning, business process re-engineering, alternative service delivery project implementation and enterprise-wide portfolio management. With masters degrees in Arts and Business Administration, Michael’s recent experiences include a broad array of North American consulting engagements ranging from enterprise network planning and integration to business case development and public private partnership project implementation.

Michael is currently leading Partnerships BC engagements in both the justice and advanced education sectors.

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