Internet Negotiations and Reverse Auctions

Mr. Irvine specializes in supporting Intels construction procurement activities worldwide. One of these activities includes acting as program manager for Intels Internet Negotiations program (i.e. reverse auctions). During his 10 year career at Intel, he has worked on over 40 various construction projects. These projects have ranged from general office buildings to those of high volume manufacturing facilities (his latest being Intels largest factory D1D located in Hillsboro, OR).

Mr. Irvine, as part of Intels global drive to utilize Internet Negotiations for construction goods and services, has participated in the strategic development of over 40 online events. These events include those for Architectural Engineering, General Contracting, Construction Management, Equipment, and various Trade Contractors. He also led the development of Intels Internet Negotiations Playbook outlining overall construction event methodologies.

Intel has researched the results and has some surprising findings. How did Intel implement the process? How has it worked and what has their experience been? What type of projects are reverse auctions best suited for?

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