Innovative Contractor Compensation – Weyerhaeuser Incentive Experience

Thomas F. Harrington is presently the manger of project contracting services for the Weyerhaeuser Co. in Federal Way, WA. Prior to joining Weyco, Tom was the general manager of refinery and gas projects for the Arabian American Oil Co. (Aramco) and has worked in various project and operating positions for Chevron. During his 40 year construction career, he has been responsible for projects involving over 20 million work hours of engineering and 100 million work hours of construction in the US and overseas. Tom has a BS degree in electrical engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology and has attended Harvard Business School’s Aramco Middle Management Program and Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business Executive Program. Tom is currently a member of the Executive Committee of the Construction Industry Institute.

Mr. Harrington’s talk consisted of a presentation along with two handouts. The first handout is an excerpt from “Innovative Strategies for Contractor Compensation” by William E. Howard and Lansford C. Bell, a report to the Construction Industry Institute, January 1998. The second handout is an excerpt from a Weyerhaeuser construction contract that features an incentive fee system.

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