Want One Source of Truth on Your Project? Find Out How at NWCCC’s “Success Through Innovation and Technology”

Construction is one of the most fearless industries in the world, taking the conceptual and building monuments. Whether it is a skyscraper, a complex manufacturing facility, or even a family’s home, it is time for a single, unified truth. The truth of the project status sounds like a simple thing – but the concept has been elusive in the construction industry.


Brickschain’s mission is to unify the construction supply chain from concept to completion. Over the life of a building or facility, hundreds of systems are used by contractors, facility managers, and tenants, generating millions of records in distributed systems. Brickschain records these transactions, ensuring there is a record for everything that happens to your building or facility, forever.


As a contractor, you deal with many different subs, owners, and suppliers. These participants have their own systems and ways of doing things. Blockchain technology allows for you to normalize all data, regardless of source, in one immutable ledger.  With Brickschain, all data is driven to the blockchain, not just for archival purposes, but for real business intelligence that powers your organization.


On October 30th at the NWCCC 2018 annual conference, “Success Through Innovation and Technology”, hear from Bassem Hamdy, the CEO of Brickschain. Bassem will present “One Source of Truth on Your Project” to help us understand what blockchain technology is and how his company is successfully applying it within the construction industry.


In addition, we will have three other speakers about innovation and technology in construction, a quick-fire round of sharing real innovations and technology applications by select NWCCC members, and our annual presentation of the NWCCC Distinguished Project Awards for 2018.


The program will be held at the Lynnwood Convention Center. Doors open at 7:00 with breakfast and great networking available. The program will start at 8:30am, lunch will be served with more networking opportunities, and we will conclude the conference with the awards presentation and have everyone back on the road at around 2:30pm.


Registration is only $169 for 2018 NWCCC members, and $399 for non-members.


Come listen and learn how you can now attain one source of truth on your project. Register for “Success Through Innovation and Technology” here!