Leading Through Conflict Management – Event

Certified in Workplace Conflict Mediation, Organizational Psychologist, Dan McArthur refuses to use the popular phrase “Conflict Resolution” because his 30 years of experience helping leaders address conflict in the workplace reveals that it can only be better managed, never “resolved”.

The goal with his clients is to manage the level of conflict down low enough to release joy and productivity back into the workplace.

Nothing will test our metal as leaders like looming conflict. But once we get good at it, we have the “silver bullet” to slay the scariest monsters that kill our productivity and steal the good morale from our teams.

This session will make you better at:

  • Understanding how your brain makes it virtually impossible to have the right response to conflict and how to counteract it.
  • Using the #1 skill to root out conflict before it settles in.
  • Getting the most value possible out of conflict interaction.
  • Figuring out which of the 4 underlying anxieties your conflict partner brings to the “battle”.
  • Taking on the hardest conflict conversations (the ones we avoid for years) in a way that invites breakthrough almost every time. And, you don’t have to be a conflict management professional!


This will not be a lecture! With the use of multi-media, small group discussion and real-time instructor demonstrations…time will fly by!